This Friday’s edition, I’m going to talk about my favorite pastimes. These are activities I enjoy doing during my free time. Say, a hobby.

Of course on top of that has got to be..

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Welcome to my first Four Fave Fridays! Four Fave Fridays is gonna be a weekly series here in my blog where I will post my four favorite random things, books, people, etc. Today I ought to post my Four Fave Books but I suddenly feel like I haven’t gotten around enough books yet. Yet. Soon though!

This Friday, I’m going to introduce you to my FOUR FAVE AUTHORS! This list of authors that I have consists of authors of books that I have developed a love/hate relationship within the past years. In Bookstagram tags, you can say they are my #autobuyauthors except now, I haven’t really gotten around their recently released books. *Cringe* This list is going to be predictable, I swear you might not be surprised with my choices.

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