Hi guys! I’ve been blogging for about two months now and I’ve been sparking up ideas to brighten up my blog. As of now, my blog contains just posts of book reviews and monthly wrap-ups’s. I wanted to create something that would have me regularly posting on my blog so I’ve sought to start a blog series. Here are my plans:


  • TUESDAY THOUGHTS: This series will simply have my thoughts, either bookish or non-bookish. In this will be discussions on certain topics, how I feel about something, or just what I have in mind on that Tuesday.


  • FOUR FAVE FRIDAYS: This will be a random list of things or people I am fond of. In this will be a list of my four favorites (four favorite fantasy books, four favorite authors, four favorite celebrities, etc).


That sums it all. I just remembered it’s Tuesday today! Might have to start this now. I hope you are all as excited as I am! I also hope this will be the start to a more active me in blogging.