Hello lover of bands, books, movies, and sweets! My name is Kaye Ann Joy Castro, but most of the people I know call me Kaye Ann or just Kaye. I’m 16. I live in Pampanga, Philippines where I am currently trying to get through High School; thanks to bands, books, movies, and sweets that helps making it somehow easier for me.

I love reading, you might have figured that out before I said it. I’m a music addict; I do everything with music. I’m fond of taking photographs. I’m pretty good at baking. I enjoy making DIY projects. I play the guitar. I’m a swimmer. And I fangirl over everything. Say, bands, celebrities, youtubers, books. I’m pretty much more than a teenager girl. You’ll see it in this blog.



6 thoughts on “THE BLOGGER

  1. Hello Kaye Ann! (Would you prefer if I calle you Kaye? Or Anne? Or can I call you both O_O?) It’s finally nice to see your blog! And thank you for the follow! I’ll be reading your reviews and I hope we’ll fan girl together over our insane obsessions when it comes to books (and other stuff too)!

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