*sings* Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these months I’m still welcome on my own blog. I know I’ve done a very terrible
thing as a self-proclaimed blogger. I’VE ONLY BEEN OUT FOR FOUR MONTHS. Dobby must punish himself for leaving hibsLQiyI.gifs poor blog. 

I’ve completely missed to post my monthly wrap-up starting from September up to last December and I felt deeply horrible. I’ve been really busy with school that I also fail to post regularly on my Instagram. *sighs* I know, I know, I am so bad at this. I tried to squeeze in this book blogging in my sched. but I guess I’m just not the kind of person to stick to her plans. It’s why I am now using the planner I received from my sister hoping it will cure my dobby-ness.

Let’s recap to my ber-months’ reads now, shall we?

I managed to read 13 books in the last four months. I think it’s not a bad number considering how school is being a b*tch to my life. 8 of those books I borrowed from our school library, 3 from my iBooks library and the 2 books from the only 4 books I got since the start of the school. Yep, I’m not just a potato, I’m a BROKE potato. And guess what, those poor 4 books are only gifts I received. Meaning I acquired 0 books since the start of the school year. All my money either went to food or the cinemas instead of books. Let’s have a toast to this book blogger of a potato. 🍻animated-gif-dancing-in-the-room-full-of-books

Enough of my potato-ness. It’s now time to show the few books I’ve read last four months and my few thoughts about them!

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