It’s June! We’re already half way though the year. I can’t believe one week had passed since May. Each summer has always been lovely with each ventures it tells. It’s sad though that it’s just another season we have to let go every time. Now, I’m off to a new high school year. Just like that. Another beginning of an end.

Enough of that. Let’s now look back to everything I did, everyone I met and every place I went to last month:

  • My parents had their annual vacation here. We’ve gathered a lot of moments together as much as we can in just a span of two weeks. We attended my sister’s best friend’s wedding that is magically spot-on and had a two day getaway in Hundred Islands.
  • Read a total of 4 books.
  • Posted 14 photos on Instagram which I’m very proud of because I usually don’t post that much regularly on Instagram. I’m working on it though.


  • Only had 5 blog posts up. Click for more –> May 2016 Archives.
  • I finished the 5th season of the Walking Dead. I’m currently on 6th. Yeah bishhh.


That’s pretty much what I did this summer except from constant sleeping. I hope your June would be as good as what your May has been! Hopefully better!


The Last  Time We Say Goodbye – Cynthia Hand ★★★✩✩

Yes, this book is wonderfully written. But no, this wasn’t satisfying. The writing style kept me on going about reading it. It’s a very nice read if you are looking for something short and easy to read and a book full of emotions. I just wanted more I guess. I’d definitely love a sequel where the characters’ relationships will have been given more background. This is still definitely worth a read though! Read full review here.

Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira ★★★★✩

This is a tale about forgiveness, dealing with loss, and accepting yourself (and how high school sucks). It has the perfect amount of humor, drama, romance and poetry. This book may have the simplest writing style and plot but I can say it all sums up to a great book. I definitely recommend you don’t miss it. Read full review here.

Almost Perfect – Brian Katcher  3.4/★★★✩✩

Almost Perfect is a pretty good book and an important one too. It talks about the issues of homophobia, tells a tale of acceptance of others and oneself and how society can be judgmental and get pretty harsh on subjects like this. I hope you find yourself connecting with the story. It’s a heartbreaking and an eye-opening one. Read full review here.

Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard ★★★★✩

I totally regret not jumping right into Glass Sword as soon as I finished Red Queen. IT WAS SO GOOD AND SO MUCH BETTER THAN RED QUEEN. I shouldn’t have let my disappointments go further. So if you are having thoughts if you should continue this series through Glass Sword, I highly recommend you drop whatever you’re doing and just jump right into it. Read full review here.



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