First week of March is almost over but here’s my February Wrap-Up. 

  • I started this blog, which I think is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my idle life.
  • I read a total of 6 books this month.
  • I haven’t acquired any books this month. Here’s an actual representation why…images (2)
  • I attended my first prom. (Okay, that wasn’t bookish. Just wanna share. *awkward laugh*)
  • I’ve already written 8 posts (including this) for the first month of my blog!


How They Met, and Other Stories -David Levithan  ★★★✩✩

When I first read the first story, I didn’t expect it to be about gay relationships (although there are also some straight relationships stories). I am already fond of reading stories about gay relationships so this just made me more pumped to finish it. I love how David Levithan did a good job with this collection of short stories. They are all about different kinds of love and different kinds of relationships which I think anyone can relate to nonetheless. I giggled a lot while reading this book, but there were also parts that I cringed. I think this is an awesome book that people should spend time reading it. Read full review here.

Flipped – Wendelin Van Draanen  ★★★★★

I have watched the book adaptation movie long before I read it. The film was utterly cute! I’m glad I watched it first because it made it easier for me to visualize the scenes from the book. I’m still quite amused with myself because I read the book in just one-sitting and at school! Guys, that hardly happens. It was so cute that I just can’t put it down. I love it! It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think. I swear it was so much more than a middle-grade book. I recommend it to anyone who just wants to smile regardless if you’re a teenager or an adult. Read full review here.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto -Mitch Albom  ★★★★★

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Mr. Mitch Albom so I decided to pick up this book. This is my first of his. And I have to say, this is one helluva book! I love EVERYTHING about it. The concept, the elegance in his writing, the different POVs, the pace, its relation to music and of course, the characters! This is the kind of book that you wish you’ve written it and make you say,“I want to write like that.” I was intrigued the moment I read the first few sentences. I knew from that moment, this book is going to be special. And it is. It is more than that, it is magical. Read full review here.

How To Love – Katie Cotugno ★★✩✩✩

I don’t know what to say about this book. I don’t like it but i don’t hate it either. I never felt connected with the story but it was I still enjoy reading through it. The cover is just totally gorgeous and the title is one that will make you want to read it so  I’m quite disappointed with how the story turned out. Read full review here.

The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker  ★★✩✩✩

This novel is explicitly beautifully written in an evocative way although I can’t really say I enjoyed it as much as I think I would. I had a hard time rating this book but it all comes down to how I didn’t like the story no matter how beautifully worded this book is. Read full review here.

The Swap -Megan Shull  ★★★★★

I’m a sucker for cute and quick contemporary reads. I must say I completely underestimated this book. Reading the summary made me thought, “Body-swapping? Ugh. Corny.” And, I was totally wrong.  Another misleading summary but instead of being disappointed, I was all AWWWWWW!! This was an insightful, humorous, and heartwarming book. This is such a nice and sweet novel that I wouldn’t mind re-reading. Really loved it!  Read full review here.



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